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Interfaith Witness

​​​​Our field of membership is open to active religious members, persons who live, work, and worship,(or regularly conduct religious business in) or attend a faith base religious school, businesses, and other religious legal entities throughout the global village. Dependents and immediate faith-based family members are also eligible for membership. A credit union’s field of membership is the legal definition of who is eligible to join.

The WCU Serves the Global Interfaith Community which is our geographic area and is well-defined as local interfaith communities and rural districts.The World Credit Union (WCU)& Proposed WTFCU works with the World Open Market Exchange (W.O.M.E)  Community Exchange System (CES) as the Global Credit Facility (WCA).

The WCU is a Global Community Financial Institution registered in the the Community Exchange System using the Voucher Dollar Facility (a virtual dollar) and Mutual Credit, which is combined with the Bitcoin Blockchain System, as it currently stands is fully operational. For years we didn’t want to put too much effort into it until we see how our users respond.As it is a somewhat unconventional way of trading with our oh-so-conventional system of secured Voucher Dollars, Mutual Credits and Bitcoin Financial asset and legal tender base tokens, that it is going to take users some time to come to terms with it. We have had a lot of ideas about its future development but will introduce new features on demand or as the need arises rather than making the interface so complicated that no one can understand how it works.

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